Our mission is to educate the world on the choice we are all here to make, between fear and love.

The Positive Path was created to bring together a community of like minded individuals who understand the “control of conciousness” that is taking place on the planet today.

Positive Path advocates organic living, fluoride and chemical free water, open minded thinking and coming together in mutual respect and understanding.

Now is the time for us to share the truths that have been hidden from humanity.

Here at The Positive Path we advocate the following:

  • turn off the TV and radio
  • dispose of the newspapers
  • question everything you have been told and taught to be true
  • inquire for yourself to discern what the truth may be – in other words, educate yourselves
  • Seek and gain the practical and beneficial knowledge that can actually help you to become conscious beings, self-reliant, self-determined, pragmatic and wise
  • Look within yourselves for the true answers towards achieving your aims in life – the truth and wisdom is within you to use to your advantage
  • Take responsibility for your own health, income, and general well-being

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