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Thrive Solutions Summit Australia Tour

It just isn’t adding up … nine to five jobs, endless utility bills, super markets stacked high with processed and genetically modified food, pharmaceuticals that make people sick, and water that makes people docile…News that focuses on death, hate and separation. How did we get into this system? Why was it set up in the first place? And who benefits? These are the questions we hope to not only answer, but effectively move beyond.

I began to realise that the solutions to our problems were not in the corporations interest, and that it didn’t require you to be a conspiracy theorist to see that centralisation of power is the “natural” inevitability of corporate interests. I began to understand that I was a being of infinite and unlimited potential, who had been, through my own choices, squished into a box of limitations set by societal standards that I felt were normal. I realised that what my mother told me as a boy was very true: we all have to step up and create the reality which we wish to live in.

As time passed, it became clear that I wasn’t the only one who felt this way, and soon I began networking with hundreds of thousands of people around the world who shared my passion. They were from all walks of life – mothers, fathers, teenagers, doctors, receptionists. The feeling kept growing and as it grew so did the number of videos, websites, radio shows, and events happening all over the world dedicated to aiding us all in remembering who we really, truly are: sovereign beings on a gorgeous planet, with knowledge that can aim humanity right now towards a more sustainable, loving and compassionate society.

As I got older, my anger at the system subsided and my questions changed, and have remained the same up until now:

  • How do we awaken, inspire, empower, and enable the human race to become all it can be?
  • How do we organize/govern ourselves as a species to bring more freedom and happiness to the planet?
  • How do we reframe, re-imagine, and redesign our social systems inspired by the way nature/life works, to liberate human thriving?
I decided to invite some friends of mine for an off-the-cuff tour that highlights solutions based thinking, and brings the community together. Stay tuned for more information.

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